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Murrindindi`s Own – The Fire Emergency – 7th Feb. 2009

  Community Radio has ceraintly proved itself during,and since, the tragicfires of 7th February , 2009.UGFM has received enormous praise from many residents for the early warnings that were broadcast to warn residents of the developing fire disaster.As part of our responsibilities, within the Murrindindi Shire Emergency Managemnt Plan, this is a major component of […]

Marysville Studio Opens in temporary Village

  With assistance from many in the Marysville district communityand assistance from some very generous organizations this new facility was officially opened on Sunday, 17th May, 2009. The opening was carried out in conjunction with the official opening of the new temporary village. The Governor of Victoria performed the ceremony which involved special broadcasting from […]

Emergency Services Information

  UGFM provided outstanding coverage during the major fire period from 7th Feb. 2009.Please note this service is part of our great service to the community andwill always be the most important part of our programming.Emergency service information will always receive top priority.Nothing will be broadcast unless it is authentic, accurate and approved by the […]

Recovery from Fires

UGFM will be providing considerable resources to ensure that the best possible service is provided during this difficult period. Areas burnt will receive particular attention with regular special coverage, outside broadcasts. We will provide all information we can to assist this process. Please contact us on 03-57722722 if you have suggestions on new programmes or […]

Black Saturday Bushfires

These terrible fires have been tragic for our district with huge loss of life and terrible loss of buildings and infrastructure.The Murrindindi Shire has been particularly badly affected with in excess of 1100 homes burnt. UGFM also lost transmission equipment near Marysville and at Flowerdale. Fortunately, we were able to make temporary measures to get […]