Bendigo Bank Assists UGFM in a big way!

Bendigo Bank Links Murrindindi with UGFM.

Following the major fires of February, 2010 the Bank conducted an Bushfire Relief Appeal which was very well supported.

The Bendigo Bank is now involved significantly in the UGFM broadcast area with a number of branches in the area and the possibility of more in the future. In fact Bendigo Bank is now operating a branch at Marysville which has been a big  help to the redevelopment.

UGFM has for many years been trying to acquire  some speciallised equipment to enhance its outside broadcasts and consequently to improve communications across the Murrindindi Shire. This is considered vital as part of the recovery process as a result of the fire disaster that burnt out around 40% of the Shire with significant, tragic loss of life and the destruction of around 1100  homes across the Murrindindi municipality.

Codec tieline  equipment enables high quality audio broadcasts from virtually anywhere providing there is a telephone line available or mobile phone coverage or internet. The equipment costs around $17000.

UGFM has ben trying to raise funds to purchase this equipment for years but have had higher priorities to attend to. Additionally, the fire destroyed quite a bit of the UGFM transmitting facilities at two of our transmission sites which was an expected major expense.

The Bendigo Bank heard of UGFM`s  need aqnd contacted the station. With their support in the form of a big donation and a sponsorship arrangement UGFM has been able to purchase this equipment which has already been used quite a number of times during March and April, 2010.
A very generous gesture, one that will benefit the community hughely. One that will assist bringing the Shire closer together in may ways. One that will also enhance emergency broadcasting.
UGFM is  extremely grateful for this help and the genuine help that this partnership is going to provide for this whole district.  Well done Bendigo Bank.