Emergency Power Generators for UGFM

Generator for UGFM Primary Transmitter – Mt Eildon

The Marysville & Triangle Community Foundation has made $23,000 of funds available for UGFM – Radio Murrindindi to establish a new Diesel Generator to provide backup mains power for the stations main transmission site at Mt Eildon during power failures. The generator has been funded to replace the existing petrol generator that is often unreliable and has to be manually started when automation fails to start and run. This has often meant the primary transmitter is off air up to 30 minutes until someone attends on site to manually start the current generator.

The new generator will greatly improve the reliability and continuity of UGFM transmissions during outages caused by power failures, and unfortunately they usually occur during a storm or fire, being a time when we least need a break in transmission.

UGFM does have an emergency standby transmitter located at the Alexandra studios on FM 106.9, however it has limited range and ability to feed remote translators at Marysville and Yea that in turn feed Flowerdale & Kinglake.

As an emergency broadcaster, the committee of management takes the responsibility of ensuring emergency information goes to air as a priority and this new generator will go a long way to ensuring this happens.

UGFM – Radio Murrindindi cannot thank the Marysville & Triangle Community Foundation enough for their support and we are sure this grant for the new generator will greatly benefit all those across the Murrindindi Shire and surrounds who rely on UGFM for everyday programs and emergency information.


Generator for UGFM Kinglake Transmitter 94.5FM

The Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal has provided $18,000 from the Bushfire Fund to UGFM – Radio Murrindindi to establish a new Diesel Generator that will provide power during mains power failures for UGFM’s Kinglake transmitter that services the Kinglake Ranges on FM 94.5.

Currently, there is no backup power to operate the transmitter should mains power fail, this is a major issue during a storm, fire or emergency where the community relies on emergency information to make possible life saving decisions on what to do.

The establishment of the generator at UGFM’s transmitter located at the Recreation Reserve at Kinglake will also power the lights and some of the equipment in the reserve building for use in emergencies.


UGFM greatly appreciates the FRRR’s support for this project that we are sure will give comfort and make a great difference to those who live across the Kinglake Ranges.