Rotary Yea Garden Expo Broadcast

Broadcasting from the balcony of the Yea Racing Club & Golf Club at the Rotary Yea Garden Expo

On the weekend of 23rd and 24th September the Rotary Club of Yea held their second Garden Expo involving people from everywhere with a wide range of quality gardening vendors participating who will provided potential gardeners with a full range of gardening options as well as discovering new ideas and products. It was a wonderful opportunity for all gardeners at the start of spring to see the new products and plants available and then embark with enthusiasm on a new season.

Rod an Teresa Clue speaking with Judy Watts from Upper Goulburn Landcare

A variety of speakers spoke on a range of topics from owning, raising and the care of your own chickens, providing practical advice on how to grow, harvest and use Australian native plants, the most environmentally friendly methods of rose growing in a totally organic management program, beekeeping pointers and guidance on how to maintain a hive, extract the honey and the do’s and dont’s of beekeeping, and more.

UGFM promoted the community event held by the Rotary Club of Yea in the lead up to the weekend and broadcast live from expo on the Saturday, speaking with various people on the overall event and what it means to the Yea community and economy as with all the visitors in town all the accommodation was booked out which was great!