UGFM Broadcasting in Kinglake Ranges

21st July 2014

UGFM – Radio Murrindindi is now broadcasting on FM 94.5 across the Kinglake Ranges. Transfer to a link from UGFM began the dedicated linkup at 5pm on Sunday 20th July 2014. UGFM is a designated Victorian state Emergency Broadcaster.

The continuation of broadcasting from the Kinglake area has been preserved with assistance from Mountain Monthly by including the Kinglake Ranges as part of the UGFM network.

Kinglake Ranges Radio presenters that until recently were heard across the Kinglake Ranges on Kinglake Ranges Radio will soon have their programs broadcast across a much wider area taking in the entire Murrindindi Shire through UGFM’s various transmitters located around the shire.

Kinglake Ranges Presenters are being trained in emergency broadcasting, linking in with the other UGFM studios, the diversity and other aspects of broadcasting to their new audience over of the whole shire.

UGFM, a community radio broadcaster for 20 years, currently has studios located at Alexandra and Marysville and is in the process of establishing an additional studio in Yea from where programs are expected to begin being broadcast later this year. The Kinglake Ranges studio will be an additional studio providing programs into the UGFM grid as do the existing studios that are heard right across the Murrindindi Shire and surrounds. Having studios located around the shire gives easier access for the community and presenters to do their programs with even more diversity of programs, local news and information.

UGFM with ongoing assistance from Mountain Monthly, have now incorporated the existing Kinglake Ranges Radio studio and transmitter on FM 94.5 as part of the overall Murrindindi Shire-wide network that the UGFM team of volunteers provide 7 days a week.

UGFM also has a close relationship with Radio Mansfield MCRFM where programs are shared by each station at various times. So programs originating at Kinglake will not just be heard on UGFM but some will also be heard in the Mansfield Shire as well. Radio Mansfield is also a designated state Emergency Broadcaster.

UGFM also streams on-line at ‘’ so existing programs that were heard on-line via the Kinglake Ranges Radio website will be available on the UGFM website.

A priority for UGFM will be to gain funding to establish a backup power generator for the Kinglake Ranges 94.5 FM transmitter to ensure operations during emergencies.

UGFM assisted Kinglake Ranges Radio in establishing a temporary transmitter for 2 years in the area following the 2009 bushfires and the ABC’s departure to help with recovery and rebuilding information for all levels of community, government and the emergency services. This information service to Kinglake was also broadcast on the existing UGFM network of transmitters across the Murrindindi Shire and received commendations from then Prime Minister Gillard, Premier Brumby and head of the Bushfire reconstruction  & recovery authority.

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