UGFM hands FM 94.5 to Kinglake Ranges Radio


Following the 2009 bushfires and after the departure of the temporary studio and transmitter the ABC established on FM 94.5 MHz in July 2009 to help with the initial stages of recovery, UGFM established a relay for the Kinglake Ranges from UGFM on FM 94.5 for the Kinglake Ranges that began broadcasting on 6th September 2009.

This transmitter was established at the Kinglake Recreation Reserve at the request by the local community and Murrindindi Shire Council to provide radio coverage of the Kinglake Ranges and was established by UGFM with support from the Rotary Club of Alexandra, the Murrindindi Shire Council, Kinglake Recreation Reserve Committee and Kinglake Scouts and assisted in providing vital recovery information for the area as part of the overall recovery effort by the Murrindindi Shire and VBRRA.

Newly established Kinglake Ranges Radio formed close ties with UGFM and a link was established enabling KRR to be able to link into UGFM’s transmitter as required for local programs produced from the new studios established at Kinglake Central.

Telstra gave KRR access to their tower near the Kinglake Pony Club to establish their new transmitter for the area, following installation of antennas, feeders and transmission cabinet and final commissioning equipment in August 2011; UGFM handed the frequency over to Kinglake Ranges Radio to broadcast programs originating from their Kinglake Studios.

UGFM continues to have close ties with KRR and plans are to again share programs as part of a broader shirewide initiative between the two stations similar to the relationship UGFM has with Radio Mansfield where programs are shared between stations. This will be vital in times of emergency as UGFM is a designated Emergency Broadcaster.